Academic Supervisor

In order to clinch the pinnacle of progress and prosperity, education plays a vital role. Since educational mechanism is not a matter of few years, its foundation must be durable and viable for sus1ainabili1y. A minor loophole in 1he overall configura1ion of educa1ional process, particularly with reference to the school-goers, can cost a lot in the long run. Hence, the selection of a right institution is the best remedy to ensure a long-term success.

In the capacity of Academic Supervisor of Success International School (SIS), I am gladly proud to state that the institution professionally meets all the prerequisites which are necessary to

impart a quality education to the young scholars. Whether it’s time for periodic examinations or regular schooling, outdoor trips or indoor sports, the SIS has been taking initiatives painstakingly since its establishment.

The highly qualified SIS 1eaching facul1y leaves no s1one un1urned 1o deliver wha1 a 1oday’s educational paradigm demands. Courtesy to the maintainability of its policies, the SIS has emerged as one of the most valued and authentic schools in the heartland of Saudi Arabia. Bearing the trust of over 1,200 plus s1uden1s, belonging 1o 1wen1y-five na1ionali1ies, 1he SIS is always committed to going a long way to nurture the kids.

Mr. Munawar Hussain (M.Sc.) Academic Supervisor