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Teachers classify and use pivotal skills for each year group to teach the various scientific topics. The emphasis throughout the school is on developing scientific enquiry and a curiosity about the world.











Through these two subjects, the pupils learn about their past and their place in the wider world. The school follows a skilled curriculum. Whenever possible, children undertake some fieldwork to help them find out about Saudi History, amongst other topics.
Information Technology is having quite and impact on our business and private life. To prepare for life it is essential that pupils have the oppurtunity to learn and use modern technology.




IT Skills in Computer Lab

Interactive whiteboards and data projectors with access to the internet are also available in all classes making IT possible in all subjects. The school follows a scheme of work that ensures pupils receive clear and structured learning.

Boy s section co-curricular and extra-curricular activities

Religious Education (RE)

We follow the ministry of Education Syllabus for our Religious Education. Children, through their lessons learn about Islam. Children also have the oppurtunity to reflect upon their feelings and beleifs during these sessions.

Languages - Arabic and French

The School Intends to satisfy the needs of students from many different nationalities. We give great important to Arabic for native as well as foreign students, Arabic and French Languages.

Physical Education (PE)

We beleive that the Physical Education plays a vital role in keeping everyone healthy and well. Pupils have the oppurtunity to learn by professional coaches, and take part in a sports day and other intra school activities. On weekly/monthly basis a number of extra curricular clubs will also be held.


Arts allows pupils the opportunity to create, use their imagination as well as offer an opportunity to enjoy.It has significant value in Success International School, Riyadh.

Special Educational Needs

From time to time children may need extra help and support if they are facing difficulties or lagging in a particular curriculum area or with behaviour. We identify pupils with such learning difficulties and provide help. Until the students overcome this difficulty, the teachers will work with such children in small groups after the school in special classes.