Nursery & Kindergarten Section

In a well-planned program, we will nurture each child’s educational, physical, personal and social development.


It is a big school. The building of the school is very beautiful. There are twenty-five class rooms in it. All rooms are airy and big. There is a big library and a science laboratory in my school. It has many books on different subjects. We daily go to the library and read books. There is also a staff-room, an assembly hall and Principal office. About eight hundred students read in my school. They do well in the examinations. There are forty teachers in our school. They are highly experienced. They are hardworking. They teach us very sincerely.

2 years to 3 yearse

Promote an environment where children play and learn at the same time. Develop multifaceted talents of the children. Arouse in them a curiosity to learn Instill in the students, sound moral and spiritual beleifs in a loving atmosphere. Seek to develop their talents to their full poential in a caring surrounding. There is a sand Play area, a book corner, home corner and areas for tabletop activities & floor games.

Kindergarten , 1 & 2

The following outlines the class age groups: Kindergarten -1 3 years to 4 years Kindergarten -2 4 years to 5 years In Success International School students are from different cultural and language backgrounds.  The teachers give many opportunities to the children to observe how reading and writing are useful, teaching letters, colors and shapes, number names, sounds and word identificaton. Basic skills will provide help to develop, language and literacy through meaningful experiences.

Instruct in letters, color and shapes, number names sounds and word indentification. Make available basic skills to develop, Language and literacy through meaningful experiences, e.g. Listening to fairy tales, singing nursery Rhymes, Reading stories and Poems.
Develop Health, well being, motor and perceptual coordination. Assist to build self-confidence and Enhanced Self image. Appreciating your Childs Work. It may be a drawing: a painting, an early attempt at Writing, or his/her best effort of number work.
-Learn to count sets of objects -Add and Subtract -Write the numbers Classify two -dimensional and three dimensional shapes.

Study simple features of objects, living and non living and non living things, Identify and name parts of the body and plants. Describe a range of common animals and Plants.

What is Subjects

A subject is an area of study, like history. A major is a concentration of studies, usually with specific requirements (i.e., number of courses required and in what particular courses). A course is a specific class that often lasts for one or two semesters. An example would be Advanced Geometr