The Teaching Faculty

As far as the SIS teaching faculty is concerned, all the teachers are registered with the Education Ministry. The teachers belong to Pakistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, India, and Egypt. The competent and qualified teachers have been recruited by the SIS for the subjects of English, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Arabic, Quran, History, and Computer.

Our Top Instructors

Selecting a right school is not an easy chore for the parents as the educaton of their children is of theutmost importance…….

Dr. Syed Masood

CEO & Managing Director

Very Warm Greetings & Welcome to Success International School, an established American Curriculum International School from Nursery ……….

Mrs. Majida Amir

Academic Director

I am proud to be associated with the Success International School, Riyadh and welcome your children at our………………………….

Mr. Munawar Hussain (M.Sc.)

Academic Supervisor

In order to clinch the pinnacle of progress and prosperity, education plays a vital role………………………..

American Curriculum

* Purpose Built Campus 6000 Sqm

Qualified & Experienced Teachers

* School Transport

* Focus on English, Arabic & Qur an

Languages: French & Arabic as Second Language

Smart Digital Well Equipped Classrooms

* Library, Multimedia Rooms, Medical Room

* Science & Computer Labs

Sports & Co-curricular Activities

ESL Classes (English – Reading-Writing-Speaking & Listening)

منهج أمريكي

ه المدرسة على مساحة سنة آلاف مربع

المعلمين ذوي خبرة ومؤملين

+ فصول ESL ( الانجليزية – قراءة – كتابة – محادثة – إستماع )

اهتمام خاص باللغة الانجليزية والعربية والقرآن

اللغات الفرنسية والأوردو كلغة ثانية

فصول دراسية كية مجهزة على أعلى المستويات

* مكتبة وقاعات دراسية متعددة الوسائط ، غرفة عناية طبية

+ مختيرات علوم وكمبيوتر

الشطة رياضية وانشطة دراسية تفاعلة

ه النقل المدرسي

School Vision Statement:

School Vision Statement: Endeavor to be an excellent school, by providing high quality teaching and a competent learning environment we aspire 1o make our s1uden1s self-efficien1 learners, develop confidence in 1hem, acheive ou1s1anding progress so 1ha1 1hey can fulfill 1heir po1en1ial.

School Mission Statement:

Success International School, Riyadh is committed to providing high quality education for all students
through a globally acknowledged curriculum in a disciplined, secure and positive learning environment. Our Mission works diligently to maintain high educational standards that we always kept since we started, each SIS staff is comitted to work collaboratively with the parents.

Our Aims:

Impart a constructive, Learning environment, by taking into account the different cultural and social background of the pupils.

Ensure that children develop a command for spoken and written English and the ability to communicate

wi1h confidence & fluen1ly wi1h o1her people.

Help children understand the importance of the values of self-Respect, self control and respect for each other and the environment.

Encourage appreciation of life through drama and creative arts.

Facilitate an enviromental that assists all children to acquire knowledge, skills and the required practical abilities.

Develop and apply the skills of Information Technology.

Awaken scien1ific curiosi1y,environmen1al in1eres1 and 1echnical skills.

Develop an awareness and appreciation of our local and national heritage through historical, geographical and religious studies

Offer wide range of physical activities.

Work in conjunction with pupils, parents and the wider community for 1he benefi1 of all.