Grade 1 to Grade 8.

School provides a stable, stimulating environment instilling sound, moral and spiritual values to the pupils and seeks to develop their talents to their full potential in a challenging and caring atmosphere. There are two well equipped Laboratories and a Library with wide selection of books.

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Science Laboratories:

The teaching emphasis for science is on experimentation and investigation, using scientific skills, proccesses and knowledges to solve problems.


We have a home School reading policy.They can take books home to read childrens are taught the order reading skills so that the task of accessing information from reference material for research purpose becomes easier even in early stages of learning

 Physical Education :

Develop Health, well being, motor and perceptual coordination. Assist to build self-confidence and Enhanced Self image. Appreciating your Childs Work. It may be a drawing: a painting, an early attempt at Writing, or his/her best effort of number work.


The development of good literacy skills, including reading, writing, speaking and listening, is imperative for all training. The lessons are structured and base around the development needs of a child to foster a positive attitude to literacy through a daily lesson. It will include some elements of shared reading or writing, sentence work and form of feedback and phonics Guided reading sessions allow pupils to learn and practice their

The Curriculum:

The American education system heavily depends on the academic standards, which concentrates on students anddiscover their abilities in all levels of education from kindergarten through the high school. The American studyplan covers all the main benchmarks and content standards in a areas of study as well. The American study plan means following the easiest way for success and for better academic future..


A daily Math’s session takes place in every class. Again pupils are encouraged to talk about their work as this allows teachers to ascertain understanding concepts and allows pupils to solve problems.
-Learn to count sets of objects
-Add and Subtract
-Write the numbers Classify two
-dimensional and three dimensional shapes.

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 Physical Education :


Science Laboratories:

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