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Develop an awareness and appreciation of our local and national heritage through historical, geographical and religious studies

Various competitions, sports & extra curricular activities will be held for overall development of a child’s personality. Parents play an important role in instilling holistic attitude amongst their children by co-ordinating & co-operating with the teachers & the school administration. However, We need whole hearted co-operation from the parents for the success of your children & the school. Looking Forward for a very successful year ahead. Inshah Allah


MEET THE participants

Abdul Aziz Subait

Participation Project : Polymerization

Omar Raouf

Participation Project : Inside the Kidney

Mohammed Hani

Participation Project : Drinking Water

Addel Gadir Elnour

Participation Project : Shadows

M ShaMas Shah

Participation Project : Cappilary Blood Vessels

Omar Mohammed

Participation Project : Gravity

Abobakr Alsawini

Participation Project : Digestive System

Abdul Rahman Khalid

Participation Project : Cracking

Discover the Joy of Learning - Nurturing Dreams

for a Better Tomorrow

Learn to Love

School Accomplishes Have to Be a Pain: Ways to Encourage Your Children to Love Learning

Learn to Know

Being interested, motivated and engaged in learning is important for children once they start school.

Learn to Do

Kids need fun at school. When instructors make learning exhilarating, students are better willing to participate.

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SIS follows American Curriculum. The American education system heavily depends on the academic standards, which concentrates on students and discover their abilities in all levels of education from kindergarten through the high school. The American studyplan covers all the main benchmarks and content standards in all areas of study as well. The American study plan means following the easiest way for success and for better academic future.

Learn to live Together, & Learn to be a Good Human Being

Discover the Joy of Learning - Nurturing Dreams for a Better Tomorrow