The Academic Director's Message

I am proud to be associated with the Success International School, Riyadh and welcome your children at our
School. The sole focus is on the overall development of your child.
During their pre-school years, children assimilate more knowledge than at any other time in their lives.
The schools recognizes this fact and we do our best to develop your child’s ability to their maximum level. Students can then go to the primary and elementary sections with extreme confidence.

The standard at Success International School is high. Great importance is given to the Islamic Studies, Arabic and french languages. A language aspect of the curriculum has significant value and students are expected to apply themselves diligently.

The main aim of the school is to give a firm foundation and train students to face the challenges of the world.
We encourage parents to enjoy and actively get involved in the school activities of the children.
I look forward to working with the parents and wish you all the success.
Mrs. Majida Amir M.A., B. Ed. (Osm)
Dip. Edu, Adm & Mng. (UK)
Tesol Dip. Adm & Mng. (USA)
Academic Director