Introduction :

Success International School (SIS), as the name speaks itself, actually refers to an educational institution that has been providing the best quality education to the students of primary and middle levels, belonging to more than 25 nationalities.
The school, currently located at a prime location in the heartland of Riyadh, was set up in 2014 after meeting all the prerequisites and requirements set by the Ministry of Education and other government departments. In the near future,
the (SIS) is going to launch full-fledged classes for the (IGCSE) students. For this purpose, a comprehensive plan is being chalked out. To accommodate the increasing number of students, an independent and separate huge new building is being constructed.

Learning Management System:

Success International School (SIS) has earned a unique distinction among all the leading private educational institutions for having its own multipurpose Learning Management System (LMS) that was put into an operational framework to counter the issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic. This website ( enables the students to get their online lectures and revise lessons as per their own convenience. Free of any commercialism and advertisement, the school’s (LMS) is also equipped with the facilities of conducting examinations, maintaining and updating the students’ profiles, records, and attendances, and delivering the online lessons. Moreover, the (LMS) also authorizes the parents to stay in touch with the teachers.

It has been absolutely ensured that all the students feel secure and comfortable while staying tuned to the (LMS) as the (SIS) has adopted zero-tolerance policy to eliminate any sort of cheating, bullying, and violations. During the course of examinations the (SIS) takes the maximum measures to maintain discipline and integriy


The Teaching Faculty

As far as the (SIS) teaching faculty is concerned, all the teachers are registered with the Ministry of Education. The teachers belong to Pakistan, India, Palestine, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. The competent and qualified teachers have been recruited by the (SIS) for the subjects of English, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Arabic, Quran, History, and Computer.

Examinations and Quizzes

In order to evaluate the students’ performance and make their regular assessment in the students, the examinations are conducted regularly in line with Ministry of Education’s directives and instructions. The (SIS) Examination Committees takes all necesary measures to conduct the examinations in an independent, transparent, and fair way. Moreover, the subject teachers organize weekly and biweekly quizzes in the classrooms.



The library of the (SIS) has a rich treasure of over 10,000 books which vastly cover the subjects of literature, science, religion, history, and art. Moreover, the students are also served with magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, and reference books so as to inculcate the interest of research and investigation into the learners’ souls. A complete database of the library books has been arranged and the new editions are brought to the library from time to time.